The Engineering Design Revolution


Table of Contents

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                                                Forward by Dr. Joel Orr

1                                                                                Introduction

2                                                                                Brief Overview

3                                                                                Computer-Aided Design Strong Roots at MIT

4                                                                                Research in the Second Half of the 1960s

5                                                                                Civil Engineering Software Development at MIT

6                                                                                The First Commercial CAD System

7                                                                                Applicon

8                                                                                Autodesk and AutoCAD

9                                                                                Auto-trol Technology

10                                                                            Bentley Systems

11                                                                            Calma

12                                                                            Computervision

13                                                                            IBM/Lockheed/Dassault Systèmes

14                                                                            Intergraph

15                                                                            Patrick Hanratty and Manufacturing & Consulting Services

16                                                                            Parametric Technology Corporation

17                                                                            Structural Dynamics Research Corporation

18                                                                            SolidWorks

19                                                                            Siemens PLM Software (UGS)

20                                                                            Tom Lazear and VersaCAD

21                                                                            Miscellaneous Companies

22                                                                            Analysis Companies

Appendix A                        Terminology

Appendix B                        Bibliography